You can use the two alternatives listed below to advertise your products or services on the forums:

• BANNER AD (728X90)

Every page on the site contains a 728x90 banner ad that you can use to market your product in the top centre (above the conversation content).You may pay ₹15,000 per year for this option.


Under Sponsored Forums, you may pay ₹40,000 per year to sponsor your own specialised forum. This fee enables you to market and advertise your product and/or services, as well as respond to inquiries and questions in your own private forum.

You may not use any of the other open forums to market your products or services in any way. The prices shown above do not include GST. We don't charge GST.

Please contact us with your payment requirements if you are interested in making a payment for the aforementioned.
All payments must be made in whole and in advance. Part payments are not accepted.

After completing payment, please email us your 728x90 banner ad and its target url. We don't keep track of how many people click on your ads or how many impressions they get.

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